Staying Experience in a Treehouse Hotel: 6 Things to Discover

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What our treehouse hotel will be

Grün Resort Uluwatu is a sustainable oasis located on the hills of Uluwatu. Offering breathtaking sea views and a serene natural setting. The resort features 34 villas nestled in a forestry landscape, which has been preserved and enhanced with the construction of treehouses hotel and villas that minimize their impact on the environment.


The resort boasts 2 restaurants, a 25-meter infinity pool, large event spaces, a 200-square-meter office and coworking area, a kid’s playground, and a permaculture garden that provides fresh ingredients for the kitchen and showcases local fruits and vegetables. The resort’s buildings are made of certified and reclaimed wood and feature rainwater harvesting and recycled water filtration systems to minimize water usage. The resort also utilizes solar power to reduce its operational carbon footprint. Grün Resort Uluwatu is a sanctuary that offers a chance to escape the constraints of everyday life. Reconnect with nature, providing the freedom to slow down and truly relax.

Grün resorts sustainability

As sustainable ways are important to both you and us. Our resort focuses on bringing the best experience for our guests while minimizing its impact on the environment. Therefore we have taken a lot of steps to improve our construction process, our designs, and the overall functionality of the upcoming resort.


6 Things That Make Grün Resorts Unique


The following features are implemented in the resort to take that extra step of being responsible and acting sustainable in the hospitality industry.


1. Keeping the natural environment intact


Grün Resorts Uluwatu is situated in a forestry setting that has been preserved and enhanced. Furthermore, the resort’s treehouse hotel and villas have been carefully placed around existing trees to create a natural environment for guests while preserving and promoting the growth of local flora.


2. Rainwater and water recycling catchment and filtration systems


Grün Resort Uluwatu has implemented a sophisticated rainwater harvesting and water recycling and filtration system to reduce water usage and eliminate the need for water trucking, which is a common occurrence in the low water area of Uluwatu.


3. Solar power


The resort features a solar system with a total capacity of more than 25 kilowatts, with plans for further expansion. This system is able to power most units and greatly reduces the resort’s operational carbon footprint.


4. Permaculture garden, nut, and fruit trees


Grün Resort Uluwatu’s permaculture garden provides the kitchen with fresh, healthy, local ingredients and showcases locally grown vegetables and fruits to guests. The resort also has several decade-old mango and cashew trees, which are used in the kitchen.


5. Sustainable building materials


Grün Resort Uluwatu uses as much wood as possible in its construction. Opting for reclaimed or certified woods that act as carbon storage and reduce the total carbon footprint of the buildings. The resort also uses lightweight steel structures and minimal foundations to minimize ground closure and concrete usage.


6. Treehouses


In addition to offering stunning views and a unique experience, our treehouse hotels are a low-impact way of the building due to their use of wood that acts as carbon captures and as material emissions reduction. The treehouse hotel concept also minimizes the carbon footprint. Including in our construction process, which aligned with our vision to “enhance nature more than impact it”.


Commitment to Sustainability


We are confident that our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, as well as our focus on providing high-quality accommodations and amenities, will result in a unique and memorable stay for our guests. We believe that it is important to not only provide an exceptional vacation experience. Also to consider the impact of our business on the environment and strive to make positive changes in the way we operate.

Current status

The resort is currently 90% complete, with all of the treehouses hotel standing and ready for guests. It took a year to build the 34 treehouse models, which will be available for guests later this year. The common area, which will be the centerpiece of the resort, has its architectural structure standing. It’s ready to become the place for our guests. With these foundations in place, work can now begin on the interiors of the treehouses, and villas, and forming/finishing up the common area.

treehouse hotel

In addition to the structural work that has been completed, the resort is now moving on to the other part of the next phase of development: landscaping. This involves creating a natural environment that will be enjoyed by guests while working in harmony with the existing vegetation. This phase of the project is focused on enhancing the natural beauty of the resort and ensuring that it is a seamless integration into the surrounding ecosystem.

The goal is to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere that allows guests to fully relax and reconnect with nature. The landscaping work is being done with the utmost care and attention to detail, with a focus on preserving and promoting the growth of local flora. When complete, the resort will be a stunning and unique destination that offers guests a truly immersive and memorable experience.


Treehouse hotel bookings in now available


We will be happy to welcome you! We are excited to announce that we are a soft launch of the resort to guests already. Get the best flexible rate during soft-launch using the code “DIRECT20“. Valid for website booking only.

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