Welcome to Grün Canggu!

This is a place to relax and enjoy the serenity of the landscape in uniquely designed and crafted studios. An experience of tropical indoor-outdoor living space to take a pause and just being content in the moment.

Grün Canggu is sitting right next to a magnificent rice field overlooking the lush greenery. In our treehouse units you are perfectly placed 3 meters floating above ground to gaze into the surrounding. The pools provide a refreshing cooling.

All units are private single-bedroom villas combining well-curated minimalist living spaces with a generous tropical outdoor feel. They are all equipped with a private plunge pool, sun deckings, dining tables, BBQs, and all you need for a relaxed day in beautiful Bali.

Studio Agung - Studio N

Grün Canggu’s Studio Agung is equipped with an infinity plunge pool that overlooks the rice fields, alongside a spacious outdoor decking where you can enjoy your time dining and lounging on the sunbeds. 

The full-width glass sliding door provides a panoramic view that allows you to seamlessly experience the indoor and outdoor space.

Studio N is a 64m2 prefabricated studio home that is elevated at 40 cm off the ground, based on the old Tetra Pod model.

Treehouse Batur - Treehouse D

Grün Canggu’s Treehouse Batur is the second generation of our compact tree house. The balcony, going from edge to edge with a front row view of the rice field, is a perfect spot for an afternoon chill out. 

Spice up your trip by enjoying a BBQ at the dedicated outdoor area just below the studio.

Treehouse D is a 36m2 treehouse studio with an open floor plan and a compact footprint that accommodates all your essential needs.

Treehouse Batukaru - Treehouse C

Treehouse Batukaru is a modified version of our Rhizophora Apiculata unit, the famous 64m2 Treehouse C at Grün Canggu Garden. The new divided floor plan differs from the previous studio, giving every corner a dedicated function for you to fully immerse in. 

A bigger footprint means a bigger outdoor area below! Craft your idea of a good time by having sunset cookouts and poolside lounges.

Treehouse C is a 64 m2 footprint studio with an extra 16 m2 balcony that present a lot of freedom in utilizing the space.

Treehouse Abang - Treehouse D

Identical to Treehouse Batur, the Treehouse Abang is one of the smaller tree houses in Grün Canggu. Small does not mean less when it comes to this studio-the interior and exterior both present an expansive program that lets you plan your stay with freedom. 

From pool and BBQ parties to intimate rice field side dining, you name it.

Treehouse D is a 36m2 treehouse studio with an open floor plan and a compact footprint that accommodates all your essential needs.

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