Grün Resorts believes in the good tourism can bring to a place and community. It provides educational and financial opportunities to the communities, as well as the opportunity for travelers to learn about different cultures, ways of lives and generally opens their minds.

Yet the reality is that a lot of tourism projects bring a large environmental toll for infrastructure development. Pristine nature often makes way for big concrete blocks.

Grün brings tourism to places using innovative practices to enhance nature more than impacting it. In practice this means building around existing nature, having minimal foundations, bringing in more trees and fauna, or even being able to remove the buildings altogether at some point. Grün ensures with its mostly wood based buildings with light steel structures the carbon footprint of the buildings is minimal and a fraction of conventional ones. For this reason Grün builts with treehouses and tiny houses from Stilt Studios, that have a minimal impact on the ground, are easy to set up and have a low energy usage through innovative practices for insulation and natural air flows for the off ground structures.

Operationally the largest impact in the form of carbon footprint comes from electricity. Thus we are making extensive use of solar systems in our destinations.
There are also local challenges, like water trucking in Uluwatu, Bali, which we counter with a complex rainwater harvesting and water recycling and filtration system and water tanks.

Grün strongly believes this sustainable approach is a win all around. Local communities can thrive, the local environment and nature is kept intact and is further enhanced, Grün’s guests find themselves in natural environment that provides the freedom to feel their senses and truly slow down, relax and learn, while the extra investment for Grün in the sustainable practices, such as building materials, solar and rainwater harvesting pays off financially in short periods of time.

Living responsible today for a better tomorrow!