The Story of Grün

Grün is a family run boutique hospitality company founded by Florian Holm with the ethos to build sophisticated destinations in nature using innovative practices to enhance nature more than impacting it.

Florian came to Jakarta Indonesia in 2015 working in the tech sector, before settling with his Indonesian – German family in Bali. Seeing both the potential that tourism has for local communities, but also the drawbacks on overdevelopment and environmental damage, Grün was born to create memorable experiences for travelers, value for the communities around and a sustainable approach for the environment.
First launched in the island of gods, Bali Grün’s destinations are providing a breathing space to experience nature outside the constraints of everyday life.

Grün is seeking innovative practices to enhance nature more than impacting it by building with Treehouses and studios elevated off the ground, making use of spectacular vistas and natural cooling, while using natural building materials and operating with solar power and sustainable water cycles.

For the buildings Grün is working with Stilt Studios, a sustainable prefab manufacturing company